Hospital Board of India

The healthcare delivery system in India is in transition. In a country where large percentage of healthcare expenditure is outside the Government system it is important to have institutions to give direction to the growth and activity all players. Over the sixty plus years of independence, the leadership in healthcare delivery has been slowly and steadily passing into the hands of entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. It is important to moor the industry strongly on the ethics and dynamics of the medical profession. To achieve the political objective of maintaining the benign influence of the medical profession on the healthcare industry, IMA steps in with the initiative of Hospital Board of India. IMA will strive to improve quality of services and ensure better patient safety

Aims and objectives

  1. To assist and equip all healthcare institutions to provide quality healthcare to people by facilitating accreditation.
  2. To facilitate all healthcare institutions to play their effective role in public health.
  3. To represent and safeguard the interest of all health care institutions and their personnel irrespective of their affiliation.