We are a team not because we are members of IMA. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other as extended family member.
It is sad truth that most of the doctors are poor in financial planning. At the time of sad demise or permanent disability of the earning member (doctor), the entire family collapses both mentally and financially.
To sail through this critical, devastating and sometimes humiliating situation IMA floated a novel scheme, i.e. The Social Security Scheme (SSS). The Scheme formulated by IMA members for members, & managed by members. The primary aim of the scheme is to deliver immediate (within 15 days) financial support to the bereaved or distressed family.
The scheme is based on a quote ‘many drops form an ocean’. Like an extended family, every member of the SSS gives his / her individual contribution to the nominee or the member depending on the circumstances.

About the Scheme

The SSS covers the risk of uncalled death / permanent disability of our fellow brothers / sisters. The permanent disability may be mental and / or physical due to which the doctor is unable to continue his practice permanently & earning.